Domi’s Diary – Apr & May 2016

Domingo Enrique Grande from Spain has set his feet on Indonesia soil. In this web-based diary, he is going to write what he experiences here. It is always fascinating to know and share how the same things are done quite differently across the globe. It is indeed the differences that bring spices in our life.

May, 10th 2016


Cuidad – Real, Spain – 30 Celsius

Hi fellows,

I guess this is the last entry so far. I wanted to wait for some days before writing again so all the tiredness, jet lag sleep and thoughts after the trip are settle. (I brought half on Indonesia on my luggage)

Well, first of all I would like to tell you that I miss you so much, that I am bloody gloomy everytime I look at the pictures or remember of you and, that I wish I could be there taking part into the Open House day in Pakuwon City, East Coast. I saw some pictures and videos, you are doing it great.


Coming back…life is good in Spain, everything is the same, now the Spring is finishing and the hot is starting to come. However in the nights and morning is quite chilly so you need the jacket also when you are in the shade during the daylight. In one month from now on we have national elections and the Eurocup. And I think that currently people is pretty much more excited due to the second one kwkw

My family is happy to have me here and everyone is asking me about Indonesia, to tell them stories, anecdotes, things I saw, I did, I ate, about the culture, customs, food, weather, economy, politics, education, work, Widya Mandala, the English department, people…and so on (It is quite annoying sometimes so I try to slip past at some points ��)

My family and friends were very happy with all things I showed and told them. They cannot believe to many of the things I tell them, and for me, doing it in a proactive way, that is the beauty of life: To understand the same thing, differently, so you are able to see things you could not before.

Now I am having some “heavy” days immersed between the books and interviews, wish me luck.

If my country we say that when you hear a beep in your ear is because someone is speaking or remembering of you, so when you feel it probably It is me telling about you to the others around, as well in Spain, as well people from all over the world.

Take care all, May I see you again and God bless you.

¡Hasta la vista!

Terima Kasih,


May, 2nd 2016


Gresik, Indonesia – 32 Celsius

Halo all,

This is the first entry of May. And what an entry, in the middle of the holidays J

During the first three days of May in the Campus you could easily feel the atmosphere where everyone were looking for the Wednesday to enjoy the long weekend kwkw

On Monday evening I joined the Secretary Department of Widya Mandala, invited by the Director, Ester. We were having a class with the students and also a brief speech. They hardly try to improve their English day by day and that is easy to see. I enjoyed my time there and hope they did too with me. Wish you the best of lucks my friends and thank you very much for the batik!!

On Tuesday I went to WIdya Mandala in Pakuwon city into the Faculty of Psychology invited by B.Erlyn, she is so nice… We were looking at the facilities; chatting with the lectures and delivering a talk about study or work abroad and the benefits of broaden our horizons. I really appreciate that I have this opportunities to visit new places, interact with inspiring people and learn more from it.

On Thursday to start the long weekend I went with P.Hady and a friend of us, Franky, to visit Gresik. I have never been there, it was interesting to see to old Dutch architecture in the city, streets and houses. However I could not understand that much as I am not that good, yet, on Bahasa Indonesian…
We also were the guess of one old Widya Mandala Student, Ronnie, his father owns the Hotel Sapta Nawa there so, in the meantime when we were around the city we also visited it and had lunch there. Thank you for your indescribable Indonesian hospitality. Long day and pretty tired at the end

Well, as the day before I did NOTHING but shirk, on Friday I took the day for my own business, I love to spend time on my own. I was suppose to give a seminar on Sastra Inggris Universitas nevertheless It was moved to another date.
Perfect, I use the day to do some work, research, send some reports, go around, buy food, do some sport, think, listen to music, write, and between gaps: enjoy my time. Great day indeed

And now…Looking forward to go to Bali this weekend!! You will see the pics…that If I come back 😉

Hope you enjoyed your time in the long weekend


April, 31th 2016


Surabaya, Indonesia – 31 Celsius

Halo semua,

How you doing? I am really looking forward to have my lunch today, you know I am growing and that is normal…

This past weekend, as I was kindly invited, we had the Widya Mandala Graduation Day at Shangri-La Hotel. I was so enthusiastic to see a traditional Graduation display here, everyone told me It was going to be different, and indeed was. For me It is a big change comparing it with the University Graduations I am use to. This one was so ceremonial, deferential, long..and imposing. I really enjoyed listening to the traditional Javanise music, with the spectacular chorus and chit chatting with friend and colleagues around, as B.Retno, B.Erlyn, B Ester and so on.
Hopefully you will be there in a few years guys 🙂


Later on on sunday and after slepping like a log, I went to Taekwondo as usual and was having lunch with the guys before to come home. As I was in the mood of having a relaxing time I looked for a place where to have a feet massage. I found out that the have it on Kaza City Mall, so I headed there and after had dinner.




Quiet and good weekend ?

April, 23th 2016


Yogyakarta, Indonesia – 30 Celsius

What a great weekend on Yogyakarta,

We arrived there by train early on the Saturday afternoon (yes, five hours train). You can feel the culture once you step your feet there. Going to the hotel by angkong was new for me, quite little buf useful way of transportation. Anyway, shower in the hotel, some food, and heading Prambanan by bus: just 3.000 rupiah!


For me, Prambana was amazing, such a fantastic a sample of ancient architecture and old tradition. It is amazing to see how they carved the rock, place them and see that in the middle of the forest, AMAZING. Even better when you know about the history. To get energy we got some delicious Indonesian food, I think I had Mie goreng and if that was not enough we booked the ticked to watch the Ramayana Ballet in Jogyakarta, sincerously, one of the best things I have seem on Indonesia, the movements, the dance, the history, the music, the performance, all together create a delicious atmosphere where your senses just enjoy, wonderful.

Going back to the hotel, street food, again yes ha ha, feet massage, shower and good sleep. Everything was ready in the morning to reach Borobudur.


Borobudur was so expensive (bule’s price…) so crowded, so hot, so high and so far hence so amazing. A Buddhist construction older than 1.500 years, in the middle of nowhere, full of delictate curvings all around telling the history of Buddishm, I see now why the gave to It the UNESCO Human Heritage, good for the Indonesian Goverment taking care of this representations of the rooting and traditional Indonesian culture. Speechless

Back on the train to Surabaya for 7 and half hours was not that good experience ha ha, still we used the time to chit chat, sleep, eat and so on.


April, 17th 2016


UKWMS, Surabaya, Indonesia – 28 Celsius


This last Saturday morning I used the time to clean at home, get some work done, and buy food (very important). Later on that day I went for an interview as I was kindly requested by the AIESEC member to do so, happily I joined.

After lunch I spent some time with the 4th semester’s student, Niga. We went to play football together in real grass (in my country is so difficult to find real grass due to the cost of the maintenance also since It does not rain that much we lack water so many times. So they wisely decided that It is better to use it for drinking than for watering the lawn). After a short but good match we went for a cold coconut drink, I did not like it when I came to Indonesia, now I love it. We were also visiting some friends and enjoying the hospitality of the Indonesian people, It was indeed great. Thank you for share those precious moments with me

Early in the morning on Sunday I headed the Surabaya Taekwondo competition held on Unair Surabaya. We had fun and it was great, such a wonderful group and Sabonims, Scorpion Taekwondo Surabaya.

Thanks to the useful Gojek I rrived at home around 17:00, and was quite occupied doing some work until 21:00. However had a perfect end, shower, Nasi Goreng and movie 🙂

April, 15th 2016


UKWMS, Surabaya, Indonesia – 28 Celsius

Today I was a bit sad I guess, I realized that, so far, is the the beginning of my last month here. I try to do not feel melancholic, but gosh It is difficult sometimes hehe

It was a great week, as usual,at work, assisting to some classes (debate with P.Luluk, speaking with B. Iche, etc) meanwhile I enjoyed watching the freshmen and freshwomen preparing themselves for a “lovely” weekend due to the training kader. As well I was preparing a cultural presentation/seminar about Spanish culture, academics and life for the students of the engineering faculty. It was idea of B.Anning also with the help of P.Edy and the Dean of our neighbours’s faculty downstair. I have to say that I enjoyed a lot, the public was great and the people from the engineering faculty made their best. Thanks for your support and commitment.

That was the day on which it rained a lot…during the week on the evening I was doing my routine and some stuffs as usual (some researches, work out, go out with someone for dinner, take some time for myself, etc). However, I would like to remark Wednesday evening; I went with P.Hady to train with him martial arts, as you know I practice Taekwondo, and He does Jujitsu. I have to say that the training was great, intense, hard and swety, a good proper training. Also Taekwondo is my favourite martial art I sometimes enjoye training different things (some of them are similar also), in new places, with people, living new experiences and sharing. The master was geat, and also his father was there who is the master over him. P.Hady was good too, strong, experienced and focus. We had a good time, thank you.

Live and learn

April, 10th 2016

UKWMS, Surabaya, Indonesia – 30 Celsius

It seemed like a quiet weekend for me and I wanted after this las hectic week…However It was not. Welcome to Indonesia, where you can expect the unexpected

After cleaning my fabulous house and read a bit I met P.Hady in the morning to take back some of the Hakka stuffs used in the International Celebration last 8th of April. In the way to the old Hakka house a a fierce and unexpected cloud wanted to get us wet, and very nearly succeeded. Luckily we found a good roof close to a shop and waited there. After the forces of the nature calm down we carried on whit our trip, not before stopping into the Confucius Temple In Chinatown Surabaya, I have always liked to see old temples from different religions, It helps me to at least a bit, better understand the world. Such a great and wise guy this Confucius:

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop


Right after that we headed THe Old Hakka house in Surabaya where we had a delicious typical chinese lunch with the members who were around. With A full belly, our next stop was the old Surabaya Stadium, where I got a Persebaya Surabaya jumper. Does someone want to come with me to Malang wearing it? It will be fun…

On the evening I was happily invited to have dinner by the owner of my boarding house in Mojoarum, Ai Dina. We went to Food Junction in West Surabaya, and yes, It was crowded, as It was very difficult to find a table and we were quite hungry, as least I was, after a nice walk over there and get wet again because of the rain twe moved to a restaurant zone in west Surabaya, G-Walk in Citraland. Nice food, nice place, nice people, great dinner. Thank you all for making it that unforgettable.

Good sleep with full tummy, Sunday I woke up to study a bit and later on went to train Taekwondo on Dinoyo, great day, push yourself and give your best! As I was shattered I decided to eat street bakso, and as I was tasty, I ordered another one. As a happy baby, tired and full of food I took time for myself after it, I went home, rest, did some shopping, read, speak with some people, good some news…and just relax and face things as a normal human being to keep on the path.

Someone is always watching us guys

April, 9th 2016

UKWMS, Surabaya, Indonesia – 30 Celsius

Dear all,

It was such a busy week preparing the First International Multicultural festival held by the English Department of Widya Mandala Catholic University in Surabaya.

As usual, I would like to start thanking (you have to forgive but I wont say names, otherwise I would never end, and also I would probably forget someone…) all the teachers, staff, EDSA, students and people from the English Department as well to the others from the faculty who helped and joined the vent as the Surabaya Hakka association, media, audience,other countries representatives, the Surabaya Salsa Community, of course Shiva and Pancho, and so on . Great collaboration and coordination between all the members into a brilliant performance.




I had Indra working next to me, who was very helpful and willing to work. I admire his spirit to try new things, speak and collaborate. We worked together to settle our Spanish booth, also on the D-day we counted with the help of the EDSA for the organization of the place.
I really enjoyed the event, saw, learnt and try new things (tastifull pecel). The MC did so well, as the dancers (professional and not professional hehe). So glad for having the chance assist.

I hope next year It will be bigger, better and with the same atmosphere of sharing, understanding and learning. Keep the path, this is just for you guys.

April, 3th 2016

Bromo Mountain, East Java, Indonesia – 10 Celsius

Wow what start of April…dingin, dingin…yes in Bromo! We departed last friday first of April, my Kezia (the counselor) and some friends.

Although I was on Ijen last weekend, Bromo was much more colder for me (maybe because we did not hike and we did not warm up ourselves…) Anyway It was so great, we shared a nice car trip, later we changed into a Jeep and finally walked up the mountain for a while to reach the highest point where to enjoy the sun set. That was the coldest part…standing up for at least one hour waiting for the sun to come up. However, we where chatting, making jokes, enjoying with the people there and sharing experiences.




After the sunrise we went down get some delicious and spice Indonesian breakfast (rice, meat and some vegetables) and went all around the crater with the jeep. It was pretty amazing! Actually this is one of those experiences that you will remember all your life, climb a volcano and walk around the mountainside.
Thank you Kezia and friends for managing the trip and come along with me, you are brilliant 🙂

Next day I was sleeping for quite a long time heh

Lets get ready for our International event on Friday 8th ya?!



  1. Dani

    Domingo, good luck in your experience in Indonesia. It seems very interesting.
    I think that you are enjoying it.
    Un abrazo, espero que te vaya muy bien.

    1. Domingo Enrique Grande


      I will always remeber the day I met you. I thought…this guy…this guy knows about life.

      Take care on Czech Republic

      Un abrazo, mucha suerte

  2. Sellia

    Where is old hakka dom?

    1. Domingo Enrique Grande

      It is here on Surabaya, inside Chinatown. Quite close to the traditional Chinese Religion Temple

  3. Emily

    Domi!! Such lovely little stories 🙂 Looks like an amazing time and glad to see you are making the most of every moment! Keep on enjoying!

    1. Domingo Enrique Grande

      Emily! Glad to see you over here 🙂

      I am so happy to know that you are doing well on Nepal, keep on it! Hope to see you again.

      Un besete


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    We all know that Helen loves a bright colour and here she is head to toe in a mix of fluorescent hues. Matching her amazing printed palazzos with a washed-out denim jacket and studded heels, we just love the mash up of this outfit, she is even rocking the green eye shadow and has really gone to town with this striking look.

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    “One thing is the volatility that the significant increase in points creates. Is it a little bit – we like volatility, but is it too much volatility? … The question is, if you have that much volatility in the first couple of weeks of the playoffs, does it throw it off a little bit? You want the season to mean a lot.

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    Defense attorneys have said they intend to request a new trial based on information that calls Morales’ testimony into question. Defense attorneys said Monday they would likely file that request with D.C. Superior Court Judge Gerald Fisher in October or November, within 45 days of the next hearing in the case, which is set for Sept. 26.

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    Earlier this year, Peugeot was among the most shorted stocksacross Europe, with short-sellers hoovering up nearly allavailable shares, betting the carmaker would not survive thecollapse in European car sales.

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    The three-month MosPrime rate, which large Moscow banks saythey charge one another, may drop 36 basis points, or 0.36percentage point, in the next three months, forward-rateagreements tracked by Bloomberg show. That compares with anincrease of 15 basis points indicated March 27.

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    Although founded by ex-convicts from Tasmania, Melbourne still preens itself on its gentility. This self-image is sometimes hard to swallow (“I think of Melbourne and I vomit,” said Robert Louis Stevenson).

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    Billionaire hedge fund investor John Paulson threw hisweight behind the sector this week, publicising investments inPiraeus Bank and Alpha Bank shares, whileoutlining why he saw Greek banks as a good play on the country’seconomic recovery.

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    “Oh yeah definitely. Especially when he first came in, I was… definitely looking ahead. Especially because JK’s (Jeremy Kerley) still here,” Hill said. “Yeah, we got a young quarterback. Hopefully he can get that chance to start, which he got now. Now, we’re just looking forward to him keeping it up. He’s doing a good job.

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    Sun Hung Kai Properties shares sank 2.6 percent,closing at their lowest since Sept. 13. Overall turnover wasweak as investors steered from risk with the U.S. budget impasseshowing no signs of resolution.

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    The deal comes after several major U.S. and European bankshave sold out of their stakes in Chinese financial institutions,after partnerships that were often profitable on paper but notproductive on an operational level.

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    These are very different from the PRA’s objectives, and focus on the impact of a firm’s activities on consumers rather than on the macroeconomic picture. A macroeconomic element is, however, present in the “integrity” objective, which encompasses the behaviour of those operating on markets and exchanges, and the effect which poor behaviour can have on the integrity of the system as a whole.

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    The FBI has been handling the investigation into the Benghazi attack that resulted in the death of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, and President Obama has publicly vowed to find the perpetrators.

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    According to the Army's website, the role of the 14 Signals Regiment (Electronic Warfare) – who are based at Cawdor Barracks in Pembrokeshire – includes attacking targets by jamming electronic systems and preventing them from working properly.

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    The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia,rejected claims by Liberty University that mandates requiringpeople to buy minimum levels of health insurance coverage andrequiring many employers to offer such coverage violated theU.S. Constitution.

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    The hunt turned up 12 members who either refused a lulu or said they were donating the money to charity. James was one of those who committed, in July 2010, to making charitable donations, and we found her to be “upstanding.”

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    SYDNEY, July 9 (Reuters) – China’s Yanzhou Coal MiningCompany Ltd has proposed taking its Australian unitprivate for around $180 million, a deal that would give it morecontrol over a key coal asset but which is expected to facestiff opposition from regulators.

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    Quarterly net earnings rose to $142 million, or $1.50 per share, from $121 million, or $1.00 per share, in the year-earlier period. Excluding one-time items, last year’s second quarter earnings were $1.36 per share.

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    Authorities said the crime scene is secured, as well as a former residence of Newell’s. Investigators discovered today that Newell had also been using another residence, for which they are in the process of securing search warrants.

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    “When an investor invests in an online deal, we vet them notjust for accreditation but also sophistication,” Navikant says.”If they aren’t very sophisticated, we’re going to run themthrough a required education component or drop them.”

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    Of course, we wouldn’t know for sure that this route would offer better results until we knew the detail, such as the cost of the policy. But it would at least eat away at the reliance on annuities, whose underlying complexity and lack of transparency make it easier for some providers to pocket big profit margins. Perhaps this new product – “death insurance”, it could be called – could lead to a genuinely competitive market, which would mean more money in pensioners’ pockets.

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    Being the world’s largest agency group could also, in theory, help Publicis Omnicom persuade clients that it could negotiate better rates for ads with Google and Facebook than they could negotiate for themselves. In practice, though, some of the biggest and most profitable ad clients may feel that they are strong enough to fend for themselves.

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    At issue for the rebels is a government initiative approved by the Colombian Constitutional Court in August that would allow for the prosecution of FARC leaders and a proposed referendum, currently before lawmakers, that would make any peace deal conditional on a popular vote set to occur during national elections next year.

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    Sean Kennedy, director of research for the watchdog group Citizens Against Government Waste, said the audit results were “pretty crazy.” It appears there’s little incentive to fix the problem, even though it has been pointed out multiple times, Kennedy said.

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    Just so we’re clear, Wade was beaten out by the very player he won’t pass the torch to (Harden). Then he was taken down by a battered 35-year-old (Kobe). And then he finished behind his biggest social media nemesis, who doesn’t even play this position (Durant).

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    So far, the FAA has banned use of portable devices in flightunless airlines have determined they don’t pose a hazard.Accordingly, the committee suggested standards airlines canfollow to determine if older planes can withstand interference,much as airlines do with inflight WiFi and entertainmentsystems, one of the sources said.

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    Another MP said: “I am very worried that this could lead us to a position where Britain is not able to mount a military response if needed. We cannot have situation where Britain just retreats into humanitarian-only response.”

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    “There was someone in my older brother’s class who was doing some commercials and theater, so my mom took me to that kid’s agent because I loved musicals. They didn’t want me, though. I was devastated. I thought it was the end of my career.”

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    After Mahan walked away from a two-shot lead on Saturday and cleared the way for Snedeker to take over top spot, Dustin Johnson, tied for the lead, triple-bogeyed the 17th on Sunday to gift the FedExCup champion a three-shot victory.

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    But could this marital tiff yet turn into a divorce? The foundations were always based on shared interests, not values. These are changing. It is no longer Saudi oil that keeps gas-guzzling American cars on the road. President Obama has won elections on not getting embroiled in more Middle East wars, whether against Assad or against Tehran. Saudi tantrums will not change this reality.

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    The Sullivans and the parents of Jessica Ghawi, who also died in the Colorado shooting, also plan to meet with members of Colorado’s congressional delegation to lobby for a renewed push on gun control.

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    “For over a hundred years the Société has tried to maintain the interest of the wider academic world in La Cotte, having realized its international importance from the beginning,” said Neil Molyneux, president of the Société Jersiaise. “We are delighted, therefore, that such a prestigious team is now studying the site, and, in addition, the wider Paleolithic landscape of Jersey.”

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    “Obviously, not what I wanted. But the major mistake was again yesterday, the 72nd hole,” Langer said. “In the playoff anybody can win. It comes down to one good shot or one bad shot. And that’s what happened. Mark is a very deserving champion.”

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    After leaving the practice, Dr Slowther also sued the trust, but was gagged from speaking out over its handling of the crisis and is understood to have been paid a £150,000 settlement as part of a non-disclosure agreement.

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    Tesco registered a new trademark, Hudl, this summer for a range of digital products, including tablets. Earlier this week, it sent out invitations for the brand’s first launch, set for Monday. Tesco hasn’t provided any details or specifications, including price, but a person familiar with the matter confirmed the new device will be a tablet.

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    Murphy said he did his best to “soak it all in. We didn’t know Jeter and Andy were coming out, so when we saw that, everyone in the infield wanted to let that be their moment, so we were all standing back and didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t hear myself think, it was so loud. That was the loudest I’ve ever been around.”

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    There has been a long standing debate in the medical community about the proper timing for umbilical cord clamping, and this latest study adds to previous research suggesting that most doctors currently perform the procedure too early.

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    You are absolutely entitled to see it or not as you see fit. Card is absolutely entitled to his *views* just as the rest of us are. “Free Speech,” does not mean freedom from consequences of that speech. It’s not his speech that pays for lobbying and legislation, it’s not his speech that causes 5 years of legal wrangling that ended up at the US Supreme Court, it’s not his speech that makes it legal for people to be fired for being LGBT, lose parental rights, be unable to marry or adopt, although it is his speech that propagates dangerous lies about homosexuals being pedophiles and unsafe for children to be around, it is his speech that propagates bigotry and hatred, it is his speech that tells people it is okay to hurt people for being LGBT. There are no laws being proposed to stop his speech, but he’ll have to live with the consequences of the right to that speech and if people object to his speech and actions we are certainly entitled to decide we don’t want to give him our money and make others aware of that choice.

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    The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Denver accuses federal authorities of reneging on an 1866 promise to compensate victims of the massacre, and is demanding an accounting for the money that was set aside to pay the claims.

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