Domi’s Diary – Mar 2016

Domingo Enrique Grande from Spain has set his feet on Indonesia soil. In this web-based diary, he is going to write what he experiences here. It is always fascinating to know and share how the same things are done quite differently across the globe. It is indeed the differences that bring spices in our life.


March, 20th 2016

UKWMS, Surabaya, Indonesia – 30 Celsius

Bagaimana Kamu?

Long, long weekend uh? Nonetheless It is good to take a break sometimes to take the energy back 🙂

To start with this great idea I went for swimming to Surabaya Plaza Hotel, had a relaxing time and enjoyed the Surabaya´s sunny weather


After this great bath, I was ready to embark in the promising trip to Iljen, a minibus of 15 people organised by AIESEC sounded so good. We started our trip from Surabaya around 17:00, reaching Iljen by 00:00, walked for three hours (some of them stopped in the middle of the way and came back) and when we reached the top, semmed like the Lords of the Rings, we had to go down a bit further to watch the Blue Fire. It was really great, amazing views, nature and of course, Blue Fire. I am impress with the workers who extract the sulfure everyday from the mine…they really work hard for not a worth it quantity of money, I felt pity for them. So, sorry I loose my mind; we still needed two hours to go back to the bus and have some breakfast, reaching It at 06:00. Yes, I arrived home in Surabaya around 19:00, long trip back home with some stops and at some points with inmature European people next to me; I will never understand those people so shortsighted who complain about things without even having tried to understand them first. As you can guess, I was shattered, but the experience on Iljen mountain was quite worth it!


Next day I woke up to study a bit and went to TKD training, straight from It (and after had a shower, of course) I went to Pasar Turi Baru as I was kindly invited the week before to be the jury of childrens fashion show due to Easter festivity; we had good fun, enjoyed the show and selected the winners according the criteria we were told and discussed. Full of people, music also some of them were really good. Thank you Nindy Julian for let it me know 🙂

As I got home starving, I checked out of if mye neighbour Yusuf was around, indeed he was, we went for delicious street dinner and some Terang Bulan as well as dessert. That gave me the energy I needed to start next day, Monday, full of liveliness at Widya Mandala.

Hope you guys had a nice Holy Week weekend and recovered some strength again after the exams, waiting for you this Wednesday also into Widya Mandala Auditorium for our Cultural Event: Carnival Party!


March, 20th 2016

UKWMS, Surabaya, Indonesia – 34 Celsius

It have been a long week, but finally we are on Holy Week, holidays and the exams are off! Congratulations for your effort to all of you guys ?

Keep going with my personal Indonesian experience, I try some new things this week. On Monday I went around with P.Hady checking out the surroundings of the old Surabya football Stadium also trying some food, fruits and visiting a traditional market (yes, I do not really agree in the way the put the chiken on the floor and so on) where the people were so friendly, nice and we had a good time. After that I went home to work for a while on my stuffs

I happily discovered a street food stand quite close to my boarding house where they sell delicious terang bulan and martabak. Hope to control myself to do not eat it every day and get fat…

On the first day of the holidays I have been out with the counselors M. Kezia and M.Intan, we had a really great time having an extremely palatable lunch at Bumi Surabaya City Resort, incredible place and food, so greatful to M.Intan who took me there. After that and with a full belly, we headed Pakuwon Mall to enjoy a movie on the cinema. Really great starting of the Holidays isn´t it?

By the way…would like to thank the Students Committee which is joining the organization of our CARNIVAL PARTY. We are working toward to set up a great performance

Enjoy these days! 🙂 This is a time also for being grateful and own reflection


March, 20th 2016

UKWMS, Surabaya, Indonesia – 34 Celsius


Had a busy and enjoyable weekend,

On Saturday I went cycling to the fishermen’s village here in Surabaya accompanied by P.Hady, visiting some places and having a nice time I saw a great Hindi Temple, also Kenjeran beach and we were exploring the nature in the furthest part of Surabaya close to Suramadu bridge.

I really enjoy seeing different ways of life, people and environments. Also trying different foods hehe..

As It is getting usual, on Sunday after the Taekwondo training in DInoyo I went to the Heroes Monument, as because I was starving after It I had a great street Bakso, delicious. From that I went to Sutos, as everyone is telling me to go there!, but to be honest…I did not find anything interesting there, just places to eat and the cinema, nothing different for others malls here in Surabaya.

To finish this post I would like to mention the 4º Semester class that I assisted today leaded by B. Retno where the students were performing “English teaching”. Quite different ways to teach, well done guys! you will be amazing in some years




March, 17th 2016

UKWMS, Surabaya, Indonesia – 32 Celsius

Hi fellows,

I keep learning a lot here on Widya Mandala, first of all today I would like to thank the English Department Teachers, Counselors and also the student for being such a great team. I think the prevailing atmosphere motivates towards change, learning and improvement.

With your permission I would like to quote Anne Frank:

Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right path, the the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands

Everything is on you, within belonging into a living ecosystem as life itself 🙂

During this week a student, Holy, to record and interview. We had a nice chat and for me was great to expend that time speaking about different issues.

domi-bebekgorengBebek Goreng (fried duck)
On Wednesday I went with P. Hady to have traditional Indonesian duck at food festival. Really, It was delicious, and I am starting to enjoy the spicy food

Onto the last days of this week, appreciating the invitation of P. Luluk and P. Johannes, I was participating on the Speaking exam for 4th semester students. It is not easy to perform on the “D” day right? to many factors take place. However, I saw raring, iniciative, good base of English and the most important: you are learning well and I encourage you to keep going that way

I send you energy for the last exams!!


March, 14th 2016

Pantai Ria Kenjeran, Surabaya, Indonesia – 14.00 pm – 35 Celsius


Saturday morning I decided to have a relaxing morning for me, cleaning, studying, having some food and so on, just enjoying. As by 14:00 I was starting to be bored I took Gojek ( I wish I had a bike) to Sampoerna with the aim of join the Bus Tour around the city, of course, It was already booked so I just stayed on the Sampoerna Coffee for a while with some friends; It is pretty good actually.
After that I join the student Amid into a familiar meeting, for me It was interesting to see how some families live here on Indonesia, how they behave between relatives and their daily life. They were so kind to me, as I tried to be so; to finish we went for a nice dinner into a restaurant here in Surabaya trying “Yogyakarta food”.

Sunday I went to Dinoyo to train Taekwondo, It is good to share good moments with colleagues doing something that you love. On the evening the student Rinaldi and I joined a visit to Kenjeran Park. It is a nice place also It could be better if the beach was cleaner uh?. Nice temples, rich in culture and green areas. Better to go with some water tho, when the sun humidity hit here, they do not joke.

Such a trip today to start the week visiting Pasar Atum, joining the counselors we went to get some stuffs for the preparation of the Easter events. Great place to get lose while eating, wondering around and buying things.



March, 11th 2016

UKWMS, Surabaya, Indonesia – 12.35 pm – 34 Celsius

Happily for me I was invited by Bu Retno to join the English class at Dinoyo Campus.

Once there and after she she did a little review with students, we performed a Cultural Presentation about life, culture and academics in Spain. I have to say that is was pretty good, not because of me, if not for the attitude of the students. We had fun teasing between each others with interesting questions and some jokes.

Over again, there were very interested on the presentation, asking questions and involving themselves on it. We share knowledge among us, ideas and laughter.

For me it was a great experience to be able to know new environments and people. Also to develop my skills within thanks to the interaction with others.

Well done guys, may I will see you again, Carnival event??


March, 9th 2016

Kenjeran Beach, Surabaya, Indonesia – 07.22 am – 35 Celsius


What about the eclipse? Did you watch it? I went to Kenjeran beach with a friend of mine (Yusuf, old student from engineering carrer in… yes!, Widya Mandala) and some old photo films to watch it. Too many people there enjoying it, after that, of course, we have a proper Indonesian spicy breakfast.

Odomi-philosophy-career-n Tuesday I joined Speaking class 3 imparted by Pak. Luluk. Great presentations performed by the students of the forth semester as they are improving their presentation skills. We were giving some tips to them to develop those skills, not only within the English language but daily. I am glad to see the good academic level they have, not just that if not what they can achieve if they keep going in this track.

After that I went along with Pak. Hady to Widya Mandala Pakuwon Campus as we were assisting to various presentations of some of the students accomplishing the philosophy career where. They showed us some diverse information about Indonesian culture on different fields while they improve their English speaking and speech skills. This guys deserve an applause to put the effort on it.

To finish this entrance I would like to make a point about the Indonesian pizza, how can you put sweet ketchup on it?! Haha I went to try it (I will not make publicity but it is a famous pizza chain, related with hats…) It tasted very good. However, I am accustomed to have it with just tomate sauce. Maybe I would need to try it again you know…just to make sure which one I like more…not because I like pizza at all

March, 4th 2016

Malang, Indonesia – 11.13 am – 32 Celsius

It was a great day on BIOS TV, participating on the program The Gentholet, invited by the AIESEC crew as well joining others EPs. They asked us about our thoughts concerning Indonesia also about Spanish culture and so on; everything was made within a funny way and everyone enjoyed quite much.

During the weekend I was enjoying my free time on Malang, joining the student GIselle and her family who kindly asked along to go with them. We had such a good time visiting the Hawai WaterPark, The Army Museum in Malang, the Cathedral, having dinner out trying Chinese and Sumatra’s food also driving motorbike around the city while wondering around different places.

Momen besar!!




March, 2th 2016

Surabaya, Indonesia – 14.43 pm – 32 Celsius


Halo semua,

I am getting an expert in trying Indonesian food, either on the canteen, street food, with P. Hady Sutris Winarlim, M.Sc, Dra. Agnes Santi Widiati, M.Pd… either on my own! Delicious, I still miss olive oil, oven’s bread and so on but it becomes less hard as I discover the richness of the food here, soto soup, spicy chicken, fried rice, etc. Emoji

Changing the subject I am very happy working in our Campus at Widya Mandala, everyone makes me feel as at home. I try to give my best, learn from my mistakes and go ahead. By the way the other day I was at the top of the building, great views.

I hope you enjoyed the Carnival presentation about the event we are going to hold on the 30th of March.

It is going to be fun, any comment or suggestion about it will be more than welcome.



  1. Ines

    Very nice Dom I think you enjoy your stay in Surabaya Indonesia as well as you can that is good 🙂

    1. Domingo Enrique Grande

      Thank you Ines, I will see you around 😉

  2. Elisa Cendreros Nuño

    ¡Domi! So glad for you 🙂 See you around Surabaya. Enjoy and share your love!!

    1. Domingo Enrique Grande


  3. Nindy J

    This is cool! I am gonna share the site to my interns and probably they will join you and get the same wonderful experiences! 😀

    1. Domingo Enrique Grande

      Thank you Nindy for invite to Pasar Turi event, you are so so kind. I will see you in another one 🙂

  4. Livia Asiasari

    good Domi, malang is a good city. there’re so many beautiful mall n sceneries. kenjeran is also good sceneries ; moreover, there’re kuan im statue. if you’ve time, you can go to kuan im statue

    1. Domingo Enrique Grande

      Thanks Livia for your suggestions 🙂 I really enjoyed there

  5. che altaif

    You must visit tidung island and pari island near with jakarta and low cost.. they are including to thousand island area…i proud to you cause you can xplore everything in indonesia

    1. Domingo Enrique Grande

      Yeas…you are right, someone told me about that. Maybe I should note it on my schelude hehe

  6. Fiorela Bueno

    ¡Hola Domi! Imagino lo agradable que debe ser conocer lugares nuevos, una cultura distinta y hacer nuevos amigos. De verdad, de verdad, ¡Qué gusto que disfrutes de la vida, qué vivas nuevas experiencias!
    De todo corazón, deseo que siempre seas feliz, sea la situación que se te presente, vívela y disfruta lo mas que puedas, si esta en tus posibilidades, ¿Por que no hacerlo?
    ¡Hasta pronto Domi! <3 🙂

    1. Domingo Enrique Grande

      Hola Fiorela,

      Gracias por tu comentario, siempre es alentador ver que te apoyan. Desde luego estoy disfrutando de una manera inimaginable, aprendiendo mucho de todas las experiencias, malas y buenas (aunque la mayoría buenas) y compartiendo.

      Te deseo muchas alegrías, 🙂


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    Speaking at a debate on ”the rise of the surveillance state in the UK”, Sir Malcolm insisted that the necessary safeguards are in place to ensure that security service MI5, secret intelligence service MI6 and eavesdropping agency GCHQ act appropriately.

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    Its announcement of new settlement construction, bycontrast, was perceived by the Palestinians as a sign of badfaith. Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat accused Israelof sabotaging peace talks just as they are just getting started.

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    In response to our findings the Wyndham Hotel Group, which owns the Ramada brand, said it was looking into the matter and issued a statement which said: “Please know that we are a family-oriented company.”

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    Last year, GM Korea sold domestically and exported more than 2.07 million vehicles, including so-called “knock down kits,” primarily under the Chevrolet brand. A knock-down kit is a partially completed set of vehicle parts that can be exported and assembled in another country or region.

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    The World Health Organization has said plain packaging would increase the impact of health warnings, stop consumers thinking that some products were less harmful and make tobacco products less attractive.

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    One official said the U.S. operation in Somalia was not in direct response to last month’s al Shabaab attack on the Westgate mall in Nairobi that killed at least 67. It was not known if Ikrima was connected to that attack, the official said.

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    “We don’t know exactly what’s true and what’s not,” Wells said. “I actually read it and I chuckled. This is just the tip of the iceberg. You hope it’s not true. You hope that if you do something, you take yourself down and that’s about it. We’ll see what happens.

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    Vanguard typically asks investors to give it at least aday’s notice before making large trades and imposes fees onfrequent traders. Maximizer officials say that, as a newsletter,they do not execute trades or know how many of the approximately1,000 subscribers at Southwest follow its advice.

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    It’s still early days, but the night, which takes place once a month in different venues across London, has developed a loyal fan base, including the aforementioned stylists, bloggers, and fashion designers. This is a glamorous crowd.

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    “'There's too many interesting women I have not had the experience to know in this life because I have been brainwashed,'” Hoffman says he told his wife at the time. Of the film, he adds, “That was never a comedy for me.”

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    And since I Love God, I place NOTHING before Him. What I will say is this: I love all the things I guess you are trying to insinuate that Conservatives do, but I THINK for myself. I don’t let some talking head like this LaPew guy tell me what to do or think. I have a concealed handgun license and I own a gun. However, I don’t feel empowered by it or feel it makes me an American. I don’t go off spouting off its MY RIGHT to own one, because everyone shouldn’t own a gun. I’m an American because I was born right here in the good old U.S. of A. PERIOD. I have EVERY right to disagree with someone’s asinine statements. Do you think that a teenager with raging hormones should have a gun?? If you do then you are a crazy as LaPew! You people make me sick with this fake patriotism. A patriot would know that allowing someone to have their own opinion is being a patriot.

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    “The Versace brand has an enormous potential. Our advisors are selecting an investor that will buy a minority stake through a capital hike. We are not selling. Being small is neither good nor convenient. We must grow,” she was quoted as saying by Italian business daily Il Sole 24 Ore.

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    But leave it to the defiant Malignaggi (32-5,7 knockouts) to steal the show, to once again turn the supposed narrative on its head and make it about- not Judah’s greatness and longevity- but himself. Here was Malignaggi, arriving 30 minutes late to the press conference, taking his place on stage and absolutely ripping the spotlight from Judah, first by admitting he nearly retired after his close loss to Adrien Broner in June. He then dropped the bombshell that he was now working with the boxing king maker Al Haymon, the same power broker who Malignaggi (42-8, 29 knockouts) railed against after he lost to Broner. Malignaggi, a two-time world champion, suggested that Haymon’s influence had swayed the judges in Broner’s favor. Broner is a client of Haymon’s. For his final coup de grace, Malignaggi, who works a boxing analyst for Showtime network, tore into the boxing media on Tuesday, taking them to task for continuing to underrate his talent and labeling them “fan boys.”

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    “EasyJet has delivered a strong performance in the lasttwelve months due to management action to generate value to ourcustomers and maintain a tight control of costs,” ChiefExecutive Officer Carolyn McCall said in the statement.

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    There are more than 56,000 screeners at the nation’s airports, most doing their jobs, but the GAO’s report points out the persistent and ongoing problem with those who are failing to comply with federal regulations.

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    With China’s belligerence knowing no bounds in the Pacific, support for Japan and it’s intention to be able to defend itself is only going to rise. Let’s hope China begins to understand the consequences of it’s colonial mentality, coupled with it’s illegal actions within other countries EEZ’s and their territories.

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    Just two days ago, the deputy commander of U.S. StrategicCommand, which oversees America’s nuclear arsenal and spaceoperations, was relieved of his post during an investigationinto gambling issues. Last week, two Marinegenerals were fired for failing to properly defend a base inAfghanistan from a deadly 2012 Taliban attack.

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    — Two key sites in Shenzhen’s Qianhai will go up forauction today (July 26), with a combined reserve price of about10 billion yuan ($1.63 billion). Cheung Kong (Holdings) Ltd, Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd and New WorldDevelopment Co Ltd are interested in bidding the land,sources said.

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    Germany’s BASF dropped 4 percent after theworld’s largest chemicals company by sales said meeting itsprofit target for the year will be “significantly morechallenging” than it had previously expected.

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    Affiliates of Comcast, which owns NBCUniversal, on Fridayfiled for involuntary bankruptcy against Houston Regional SportsNetwork LP, and said in court papers the network should be putup for sale for the benefit of creditors.

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    “At today’s valuations, there’s quite a lot of pessimismpriced into that sector,” he said. “A lot of junior names aremore speculative (but) you’d think that the majors have thepotential for self help.”

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    BUFFALO — Michael Israel’s death of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in 2011 was a tragedy. The Buffalo 20-year-old had become despondent about his addiction to the powerful painkillers prescribed him for his Crohn’s disease.

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    Data Elite aims at a slightly later stage than mostincubators and startups. The companies’ founders will need tohave at least five years’ experience in their field, or provensuccess, such as an existing start-up that sold to a biggercompany, Venios said.

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    The Obama administration had grappled with how to proceed after NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed the classified programs. The administration, however, promised that the programs had substantial oversight and had been hesitant to announce additional reforms.

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    Prof Mark McCaughrean, Esa's senior scientific advisor, told BBC News: “Planck has done a fantastic job and has lasted considerably longer than expected. Any sadness about it being turned off is completely outweighed by the scientific results it has already delivered, namely the most precise assessment of the composition, structure, and early evolution of the Universe ever made.

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    The company reported a quarterly loss of nearly $1 billionon Friday, in line with last week’s warning, days afteraccepting its largest shareholder’s tentative $4.7 billion bidto take it out of the public eye.

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    Recently attempts by the U.S. government to free Kenneth Bae have come up short. In late August, North Korea rescinded its invitation for a senior U.S. envoy to travel to Pyongyang to seek his release.

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    Failure to agree on some 3 billion euros of budget measures,demanded by both Letta’s centre-left Democratic Party (PD) andBerlusconi’s People of Freedom (PDL), underlined the breakdownbetween the two traditional rivals which were forced together bylast February’s deadlocked election.

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    What has happened to Britain’s building societies? They are overlooking the majority of their members – millions of savers – and behaving increasingly like banks, where all that matters is profit.

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    T-Mobile’s “Jump” plan works a little differently. With Jump, customers can trade in their phones every six months. But each time a Jump customer upgrades, T-Mobile charges a down payment of varying cost — typically, the more expensive the phone, the higher the down payment. Jump also requires customers to pay a $10 monthly fee to enroll in the program, which includes damage and theft protection.

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    Kindle Fire HDX tablets feature what Amazon has called the “Mayday Button,” a panic button that calls up a tech-support representative right on the screen, who can then tell a user how to operate the device or do it for them remotely.

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    On the one hand were familiar problems of the Brazilian state – its high-handed arrogance and blatant cynicism (with the lack of real debate about the objectives of the World Cup, and the argument that the majority of spending on stadiums would come from private sources), its flawed delivery (fine stadiums but inadequate transport and public services) and the impression that it is moved by short-term selfish factors rather than sustainable social good.

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    The Legislature’s second day of its annual fall session will also include a hearing on gambling, where racetrack officials and horsemen will advocate for the legislature to extend an online betting law set to expire in January. State Rep. Bob Rita, a Blue Island Democrat, will reintroduce a larger gambling package at the hearing as well.

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    What do the researchers recommend? They say: “A carefully planned reintroduction program, accounting for the effects of climate change, prey abundance and habitat connectivity, could avert extinction of the lynx this century.” They also suggest putting some of the cats in “higher latitude and higher altitude regions on the Iberian Peninsula” where the climate should be more hospitable.

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    Separately, two women, aged 60 and 80, remained missing and presumed dead after their homes were washed away by flash flooding in the Big Thompson Canyon area, Larimer County sheriff’s spokeswoman Jennifer Hillman said.

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    Guo Dongyang, a doctor in the nephrology department of the General Hospital of Chengdu Military Region of the PLA, said on Thursday the death rate for people stung by wasps is relatively high in China as many are in remote rural areas and cannot receive timely treatment.

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