Domi’s Diary – Feb 2016

Domingo Enrique Grande from Spain has set his feet on Indonesia soil. In this web-based diary, he is going to write what he experiences here. It is always fascinating to know and share how the same things are done quite differently across the globe. It is indeed the differences that bring spices in our life.

Feb, 28th 2016

House of Sampoerna, Indonesia – 13.22 pm – 28 Celsius



This last days I have been doing tourism around Surabaya. Definitely Surabaya is a business city. However, you can find quite interesting places on it.

I was invited by the student Amid to join a visit to the House of Sampoerna Museum. I enjoyed the visit, for me was interesting to know about the pass of this big Indonesian company and Its current future, also the place was indeed good. Anyway House of Sampoerna is so famous, remember…smoking is not good for you!! :p

Saturday morning I joined  P. Hady to go to the Submarine Monument also to Suroboyo Monument, luckily we weather allowed us to enjoy the place. It is intriguing for me to know about the recent pass history of Surabaya, Its role on the International context and how Indonesian people is facing the future on the XXI Globalization Century. You are in the right way guys.

I as well came together with the student Rinaldi for  a tour around Surabaya, seeing some places as the Tulu Pahlawan monument and so on.

Later on these days I tried some Indonesian food as seems like my body is already prepared for it, (nevertheless not very spicy, that is not for me!!) so I was having delicious soto soup and sate. Shall I try another delicious Indonesian food??


Feb, 25th 2016

Dinoyo Campus, Indonesia – 11.07 am – 28 Celsius

Omelettes and party,

The English Department held a Cultural Presentation performed in the SAC attended by several students who I hope they enjoyed as much I did. We had a general, and at some points deeper, vision of the Spanish Culture and Spanish language in the world also comparing it with the Indonesian one, geography, history, festivities and on. I bet we had a good time when we practiced some Spanish words and I tried to patter some words in Bahasa language too. As special “snack” we had a bit of Spanish omelette. In some way this was possible thanks to the student Giselle who kindly offered her kitchen and helped in the process of making them. May someday we will prepare a cooking class in the Campus so everyone who is interested can take part.
Thanks also the student Rinaldi who was helping managing the computer meanwhile the display.

I would like to mention also the 16 Anniversary of AIESEC Surabaya which was celebrated on the 25th February. I am proud of all AIESEC Surabaya Crew for doing such a great job also to encourage them to keep going in that path, this is the way for the future of Indonesia 🙂




Feb, 24th 2016

Dinoyo Campus, Indonesia – 2.11 pm – 32 Celsius

Selamat pagi,

As you probably know I am a Taekwondo practitioner, I like Taekwondo values, history, and training, for some people this is a way of life somehow. So always that I find I gap I try to practice this either on my own or with someone. Going around Kalijudan Campus the other day I found out that there is a TKD Club associated to Widya Mandala in Dinoyo so I decided to try it, accompanied by the student Rinaldi who kindly and happily was ready to help me to find the place and perform some translation job hehe. I really enjoyed it and was impressed how good the Indonesian Master was, I showed him my respects.


On the other hand yesterday I was amiably invited by the Professor Hadi to join the 15 day right after the New Chinese Year and the Welcome of Spring season for them. I am actually so glad that I could watch such an event into Grand City Surabaya, they prepared a world class performance of acrobatics, dance and so on.

Awfully good.

Feb, 21th 2016

Surabaya, Indonesia – 2.21 pm – 32 Celsius

Traditional Market
Traditional Market

Halo all,

Different weekend this time 🙂 I was joining at times the Hakka Association in Surabaya with P. Hady Sutris Winarlim, M.Sc., on the incredible Chinatown (crazy and convoluted to understand at some points too…) We had a delicious lunch there, participated on the celebration of the Chinese Monkey New Year and practiced traditional chinese writing, crafting and singing, among others with childrens and adults. It was quite fun. They treated me so good. As It is getting usual for me in Surabaya wherever I go… It blushes me.

We had as well a brief introduction class to Spanish dance as It was demanded, I think people enjoyed and we had some laughs 🙂

It shocks me how multicultural and diversity is Surabaya, I guess even more if you think in the rest of the country and still people live in peace and freedom to chose beliefs, ideas and way of life. “In the variety is the spice”

Like some people say in Spain, Saturday is football match day; I joined the student Rinaldi who kindly proposed my to play football on the evening into the church’s league. We had a really good time playing there, we sweated a lot as we gave our best while enjoying, Rinaldi even scored!


As a freshman, Rinaldi (left) is actively involved in different students activities. Playing futsal is one of his interests.

Feb, 19th 2016

English Department UKWMS – 2.21 pm – 32 Celsius


Happy Friday everyone!

Finishing my first week on the campus… I can tell that It was pretty good. I amazed about how many new things I saw, learnt and experienced (love food of the canteen). I am very senang for it 😉

Thank you students and Faculty staff..

Today some of us had Conference about IELTS leaded by Alex Gough, the Director of the International Certification here on Surabaya. I was there accompanying the – Professor Hadi – also. It was a long, long conference… but to be honest, It was worth it. I think he spoke about really interesting things related to the Certification, and I believe, for you guys It is a really good chance to jump to it at the right time, and even try some scholarship having an espendid experience where to growth personally and professionally.

Have a good weekend and make sure you get good rest for Monday.. 😉



Feb, 17th 2016

English Department UKWMS – 3.21 pm – 32 Celsius

Hi everyone,

It was a great recovering today while at Campus, I refer to this as you probably know I was sick for the last two days due to something I probably ate, as my body it is not used to Indonesian food, weather and so on, so I took me really down to bed. I cannot eat properly yet, but looks like the symptoms are decreasing which is a good signal.

So regarding about what I was saying It was a great experience today in the Campus, I was very happy to attend three of the English Speaking Classes leaded by Maria Josephine K.S., S.Pd., M.Pd, Johanes Leonardi Taloko, M.Sc, and Dr. Ruruh Mindari, M.Pd. I could see the students so enthusiastic, getting involve in the class, attentive, open-eyed and politely making questions (I expected more, do not be shy to ask I was probably more nervous than you :D) I also enjoyed with it, sharing and learning from what they and teachers said. Hope to see you more calmly again.

Stay focused

Thank you,

It was super fantastic to have you in our class, Domi! Those new information about Spanish Cultures and history were so interesting and useful. I had not known that Spanish Cultures are actually way different than the ones I saw in the movies. New knowledges are so needed, and I am  so glad to have you here to share about them. I would also love to share about Indonesian Cultures too in exchange. Hope you will keep getting  great experiences in our campus, and me as well for having you here. Make yourself home! Enjoy ~ 😀


Gisella Blanca Sidartawan (1213015061)  

Domi is a great person. He shared about Spanish lifestyle in our speaking class. He also explained about some customs in there, for example the custom in wedding party. He asked us to do a short conversation and then he gave us some feedback or some tips about how to invite someone well. My friends and I had a good time with him. Thank you Domi.


Clementin Kortisarom (1213015032)  


Feb, 15th 2016

Jalan Mojoarum VII, Surabaya – 7.43 pm – 26 Celsius


– experiencing warm hospitality from colleagues and students

Hi everyone,

Today was my proper first day on the Campus and I was really happy about it. I really felt good with the English Department colleagues MG Retno Palupi, M.Pd., P. Hady Sutris Winarlim, M.Sc, Prof. Dr. Agustinus Ngadiman, Prof. Dr. Veronica L. Diptoadi, M.Sc, Dr. Ruruh Mindari, M.Pd., Maria Josephine K.S., S.Pd., M.Pd, Trianawaty, S.Pd, and Davy Budiono, M.Hum, and students,  even so  with people from others Departments at WMCU/UKWMS.

It is really nice when you get fantastic people like that around. As my personal point of view I will say that also for students as for teachers that is a great atmosphere where everyone feels open to share, to make a mistake and to learn. I am impressed.

Big surprise today around midday, It started to rain really hard and loud. I just love that, from where I come in the center provinces of Spain we sometimes do not have rain for 30 days. However when we have, rarely is that strong.

Thanks again to everyone for this warm welcome, It feels like I do not deserve it

Let’s keep working

Feb, 12th 2016

De Mandailing Cafe, Surabaya – 12.12 pm – 32 Celsius


– my first dish in indonesia at de mandailing cafe jemursari, surabaya

– i’m not drinking coffee 🙂 

Hi again,

Luckily after more of 30 hours flight, big delay in Hong Kong, I arrived. I was full of energy and so happy as I arrived and met Miss. Retno, Chinthia, AIESEC staff, and English Department members but I have to say that as the day I arrived passed I was feeling so so tired, and also I would say confused. The jet lag, the lack of proper sleep and the culture shock were doing their jobs. I needed at least 12-hour sleeping to get myself back, but to be honest, It will take a couple of days at least to adapt myself totally; Indonesia, I will accurately say Surabaya is totally a different world for where I come from, enriching, open, respectful, marvellous and full of fantastic people, a different world.

Also I have the chance to enjoy delicious (and spicy, yes very spicy, TOO SPICY) food.

Lucky one I am, I have a really wonderful place to sleep and live while I am here. Also I have the chance to enjoy delicious (and spicy, yes very spicy, TOO SPICY) food. Yesterday I was into the supermarket accompanied by the Pak Hady who took me there, I was amazed how different things are here, of course there are similarities and some things are pretty the same, but others…like an offer where you get maximun two pieces, what?! I see the commercial strategy on it, but still, it makes me wonder how different things are depending on where you are, and that is great

Finally, after my first Satuday on Surabaya I feel quite good, like home but far away, got proper Indonesian lunch and dinner 🙂 and feeling ready to start working on Monday and meet you there.

Bicara segera!

Chinthia is an active student who loves photography. She is now in semester 6 and preparing for the internship program next semester.

Feb, 10th 2016

Adolfo Suárez – Barajas Airport T4, Spain – 07.23 pm – 15 Celsius


– just before exhausting 30-hour flight: Madrid – London – Hongkong – Surabaya.

Feb, 9th 2016

Carrión de Calatrava, Spain – 05.23 pm – 0 Celsius


– preparing my baggage

Hi there..

So… this is me, may I do not look like… but I am exhausted. After almost one month of work here, organization, medics, paperwork and so on everything is ready 🙂 Currently getting luggage for an early depart tomorrow.

I have yet to assimilate it… so happy for this opportunity in WMCU 😉 I will try to do my best.

I get some reading about Indonesia, culture, language, people, Surabaya city, about the Campus too and also had some video conferences with AIESEC Surabaya members who support me in this project; also Miss. Retno who does not lose contact with me either, thanks. I am very excited with the idea and looking forward to “feel” in person all things I saw and read about.

The most “painful” thing was vaccines, Spanish doctors said that my body it is not use to Indonesian weather and atmosphere so I need some of them like Tetanus, Hepatitis A or (trust me when I say that one got me into bed) Typhoid. Anyway It was worth it and now I feel great.

As I saw withing the Indonesian forecast, the weather is sooo marvellous, permanent summer, so I happily take with me light clothes, some formal attires (following Miss. Retno advice), some sporty one and yes, probably raincoat.

Well, passport is ok, visa is ok, documents are ok, clothes are ok, vaccines are ok, lugage is ok… I am pretty OK
The only thing I need now is to learn the basis of Indonesian language so I am able to communicate at least with formalities like selamat pagi, selamat malam, selamat tinggal and so on. Easy, isn’t it?

Looking forward to meeting you,

Terima kasih!


Domingo EGR


  1. Julián Núñez de Vázquez

    You are so cool

    1. Domingo Enrique Grande

      Not as much as you are 😉

  2. Lianna Beglaryan

    Hey Dom its so great. Congratulations, now u are experiencing Indonesian culture. I am happy for u, and yeah share it with us.

    1. Domingo Enrique Grande

      You always know where to find me 😉

  3. aline Mazimpaka

    i am happy for you, keep it up.

    1. Domingo Enrique Grande

      Thank you Aline,

      Un besito guapa

  4. Manaf, IGIP IR Manager AIESEC Surabaya

    This is great idea for other EP! Thanks UWM!

  5. Rinaldi Cristian Gofani

    It was a great day to have you as a native speaker. We can learn a lot from you, Thanks for bring us a great atmosphere and antuciasm to learn ??
    Bienviendo a Surabaya, Domingo ?

    1. Domingo Enrique Grande

      Thanks you Rinal!

  6. Ariyani Tiara K

    Thank you for having great time during your internship here! And also for coming to AIESEC Surabaya’s 16th Birthday Party previously. We’re glad to have you there 🙂

    1. Domingo Enrique Grande

      Thanks Ari, thanks to you for being so helpful and always aware. Definitely you are such a great asset for Indonesia


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