Greeting from Spain

Hi guys,

I have been lucky enough to be chosen to share with you 3 months.

My name is Domingo, I am a Spaniard graduated on different fields. However, English is one of my passions; some years ago due to the financial crisis and lack of opportunities in my country I decided to take a move and look for a job on UK, where to improve and certificate my English, I happily stayed there for two years. Like all new roads, that one was hard at the beginning… but like all good purposes, it was worth it. That experience broadened my horizons, opened new doors, and the most important, gave me really good friends. I am sure this one on Indonesia is going to be much better 😉 I hope to share, work, enjoy and learn so many things with you!

The Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya campus seems amazing, also the English Department facilities look very comfortable, the faculty staff so well trained and the students… pretty focused and great spirited.

I look forward to meeting you,


Domingo EGR

Starting the coming even semester, the Department is hosting an intern from Spain, Domingo Enrique Grande. During his stay, he will be involved in students’ activities as well as doing cultural presentations and events. Welcome to our campus Domingo!


  1. Carmen

    Congratulations Domingo!! That´s a really good new and amazing opportunity that you shouldn’t be overlooked. I´m so really happy for you and I’m sure that you’ll learn a million things in your forthcoming experience

  2. Giorgi

    Rock n roll bro

  3. Dulce Ruby

    So happy for & proud of you, Domingo! Such great news – all well deserved and surely greatly rewarding! Congratulations to you, and also to the new campus for being gifted with your presence, skills and beautiful spirit during your stay. Have a great time, and may you remain super SABAI throughout your journey! ^_^

  4. Nadi

    Wow congratulations Domi!! I am so happy and excited for you. It seems like a great place where you will learn, grow, explore and meet new people. With your open, outgoing and kind personality, I know that you will do great! Good luck my dear, enjoy and take the most out of it!! ❤️

  5. Samuel

    Congratulations Domingo! I hope you have a great time over there and enjoy an meaningful and amazing experience. Live it to the full! !

  6. Cris Sobrino

    Congratulations Domingo! You are one of the most cheerful, charismatic and good-hearted people I know 🙂 Therefore they are lucky to have you working with them! It will also be an unforgettable expirience for you!!

    Approfita l’oportunitta, divertiti cosi tanto, impara, viaggia… Ti auguro tutta la fortuna per questi mesi! 😉
    Aqui te esperamos a la vuelta… Un beso!

  7. Cris

    I want to congratulate Domingo for this amazing experience, which is going to make the difference in a profesional and a personal level (I will make sure it does).
    But Congratulations to the people who are going to be with him during this opportunity as well, since Domingo is that kind of person that leaves a print.

    I am sure all of you are going to celebrate that it was Domingo the one that has been selected… I am already celebrating it! I am so happy a proud for you, Domingo!!!!

    Enjoy learning. Learn by doing.

  8. Helen

    My sincerest congratulations mate! I’m really happy for you. Enjoy it this experience and good luck! 😉

  9. Javier Díaz Bravo

    Congratulations Domi!!!!!. I´m very happy and proud of you. You deserve it because you always work hard to achieve your goals. You have to use the experience.

    Live and enjoy learning.

  10. Mary Brenes

    Congratulations Domingo! I am glad to see how you do not stop looking for new challenges and try to improve yourself day by day. We all should learn from you 😉

    Enjoy the experience and just be the best version of you! Good luck!

  11. Rinaldi Cristian Gofani

    Hola, Domingo. I am glad to hear that you will come to our campus. I am really looking forward on your coming and want to learn more from you about Spain’s Culture, Habits. This is a big chance for us to know Spain and yourself more.
    I hope you will enjoy your day here.
    Good luck
    Hasta la vista

  12. christian siantar

    Congratulations Domingo 😀
    Can’t wait any longer to see you in my beloved campus
    It will be such an amazing experience to learn new knowledge from nice gentleman like you

  13. Monika

    Well done Domingo!
    Congratulations on the new venture:) It is really nice to see how you enjoying life to the fullest! It sounds like exciting opportunity for you to explore next part of the world and get even more friends abroad at the same time:)
    I hope you will find fulfillment and lots of joy in this new experience.
    Looking forward to hear how are you doing there:)

    My warmest best wishes and good luck with that!

  14. Stefanus Niga

    I’m happy to know that you are going to stay with us for the next 3 months.
    See you in February.
    Stefanus Niga

  15. Juan Navarro Zamora

    Happy New Year and be in good health and work.

  16. Stephen Richardo

    I hope also friend of Indonesia which is mainly in our Universities there is someone who could be much better.
    I await your arrival friend. I hope you feel at home in our Country. See you…???

  17. João Perez da Muñoza

    Mr Domingo this is your opportunity to show your skills and teach so many people.
    Congratulations and good look

  18. Aki

    congratulations for new experiences, Domingo. I don’t really know what you do there, but I am pretty sure you will be experienced with new situation. I hope they can learn something from you,

    good luck,

  19. Kasia

    Congratulations Domino! I am so happy for you. Campus Seems like a great place where you can learn new things and broaden your horizons…. I wish you enjoy & learn in Indonesia, but please don’t forget about your friends from Tunbridge Wells (UK) as we miss you a lot….:(

    Good luck with everything.

  20. Ana

    Congratulations Domi!
    Good Luck in your new adventure!

  21. Jesús Olivet

    Congratulations Domingo! I am very for you and I am sure that you will enjoy this experience and learn very more! Best wishes =)

  22. Javier Almodóvar

    Congratulations Domingo!
    I’m happy for you. You’re a great professional and this is a great opportunity.

    Good Luck!

  23. Alejandra Barbé Sevilla

    I wish you all the best in this new amazing step you’re taking Domingo! May you inner light be with you and inspire others along your way =)

  24. Karla

    Oh my goodness Domingo , is an amazing news. I am so happy of your new opportunity , you deserve it . I always thought you can do great things . Also I am sure wherever you are and whoever you are with you will give your positive viber . Never change my friend . I hope to see you soon and tell me more about you new adventure.

  25. Ali inzaghi

    yes Domingo im so proud of you and we believe in you!

    you will do great at the campus and i wish you goodwill luck!

  26. Patricia

    Wait wait wait I’m not sure I got it… You’re moving to Indonesia to teach English there? Sounds amazing, many congratulations and all the best for the future!

    Big hug from Brussels

  27. Samir

    I am so happy for you domingo , you are a wonderful friend and person , I was lucky enough to meet you here at the uk , we shared this experience of living are home country for a better life , you are an example to follow Domingo and I am sure that people will treat you as good as you treated everyone , there is no words to describe you 😉 so I just hope that you will look after your self and enjoy this new adventure , take care my dear friend 🙂 Un Abrazo hermano

  28. Nisimo

    Hi Domingo, Congratulations from the UK on your new appointment in Indonesia; I hope the University provides you with a greater insight and an opportunity to find an even deeper learning with other students world wide. Stay in touch with all your news Dom, Namaste Nisimo

  29. Liina

    Wow! Good luck!

  30. Aline Mazimpaka

    I am happy for you Domingo, you shine in and out, I love the way you treat everyone. Keep shinning in and out I wish you all the best. Peace.

  31. Adam

    I’m very happy for you mate, enjoy your journey and time with new people ; )

  32. Nadia

    Congratulations Domi.
    What a wonderful opportunity to be in Indonesia. But they are lucky to have such a friendly, kind and helpful young gentlemen like you. You always make these opportunity and therefore for Domi you deserve these lovely experiences. Enjoy Indonesian culture as I am sure it will be a flour full one. Enjoy enjoy and enkoyyyy.

  33. Carol

    Good luck Domingo! All the best.

  34. Júlio Nghiem Le

    I know Domi coincidentally through our mutual Japanese friend. I always feel thankful for this such situation so that I get a very good friend as Domingo. He is completely friendly and kind, these characteristics definitely form him to be great teacher. He is the one always willing to step out his comfort zone and explore the world. I think this opportunity in Indonesia will make a memorable in his life. Welcome to Asia, English teacher – Mr. Domingo!
    To Domingo, I thank God for our friendship and brotherhood until present. It is so ridiculous that I even have not met face to face yet, but you know, sometimes friendship just goes like this way and it can be kept lasting longer and longer as we still respect and appreciate it. You definitely will be a great teacher because of your willingness to explore different cultures, your open-minded. I wish you all the best for this opportunity in Indonesia and surely your career path in future. Otra cosa, necesitas ayudarme en practicar el espanyol jajajajaja 🙂 Dios te bendiga!
    From Vietnam,
    Júlio Le (Nghiem Le)

  35. Laura

    Congratulations Domingo!!!
    I’m so happy for you and I’m sure this experience will help you to get a bunch of knowledge which will be very useful in your future!! As we know each other for a looong time, you are a very hard working person and I’m completely sure you will achieve everything you want!!!
    I wish you all the best because sincerely you deserve it!!!
    Enjoy this experience as much as you can!!!
    A very big kiss from your friend “fernancaballeresca”!!
    P.S: Llévame contigo!

    Laura, Ciudad Real (Spain)

  36. Isia

    Congrats Domi!

    I’m a bit jelouse to be honest, haha! it seems a great opportunity, you’ll learn a lot and have another big life experience that will challenge you and push you harder in this path that is a life from innocent childhood to wise old age.

    Enjoy it and make the most of it!

  37. Carlos Newton

    Domingo, you are the best! I’M VERY PROUD of you!! It is a great opportunity, and you deserve it so much!

  38. jella

    wow ! have a swell time lindo!! kiss kiss

  39. Raúl Berral

    Congratulations mate! It sounds awesome! We will be even closer to each other as I am moving to Melbourne! Hope everything will be great! Be happy mate!

  40. Yvonne

    Dom! 🙂 Congratulations! Have a great time and as always: Peace In and Peace out 🙂

  41. Bel

    Congratulations darling!!!a wonderfull, amazing, interesting, intelligent, professional, charismatic, hard worker….etc. person in a marvellous place… what else can you ask?? Im so proud of you and i just can wish you all the best. Spain is gonna have a big sadness without you these four months. Good luck my friend and take care of your self!!! Ciao bello!!!

  42. Ángela

    Congratulations Domingo! I wish you all the best in your new project.

  43. beatriz

    Congratulations for your new job!!!
    This new experience will give you so many good things!!
    I want that you are very happy there in that new place!
    Kiss 🙂

    1. Beatriz

      Congratulations for your new job!!!
      This new experience will give you so many good things!!
      I want that you are very happy there in that new place!
      Kiss 🙂

  44. Pablo Fillol

    Hi Domingo!!
    thanks for your help with my English. Congratulations for you new your new job and that
    you will yet more things.


  45. Carmelo Alonso

    Great Domingo! I am very happy for you to enjoy that experience and for your future students to have the opportinity to meet you. You deserve it and surely your students as well. God bless you.

  46. Emily

    Congrats Domingo!!! I hope you have an amazing experience there! 🙂

  47. meydina

    Welcome Domingo!! Glad u will be in our faculty soon. Let’s be a good friend! ???

  48. lupo

    Get to de Choppa Domi, you´ll be Back! Sayonara, Hasta la vista Baby! (All Arnold´s Quotes!!)

    Lupo & Erica. Domi, Brothers Til di END.


  49. Javi vargas

    Enhorabuena Domingo! Comenzaste siendo un conocido pero ahora eres mi mayor amigo! Espero que tu viaje sea una experiencia única. Nos vemos a tu regreso comandante.

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