Wima Kids – Description

WIMA Kids runs English course programs for preschool and primary aged children, and teenagers of secondary schools. In addition, new private tutorial programs in Physics and Math are also offered. With competent, enthusiastic, and friendly instructors, WIMA Kids is ready to provide the students with engaging and meaningful learning teaching activities that will enhance the students’ competence in English, Physics and Math.

Wima Kids has been specifically designed to be fun yet educational and challenging. It has been established since 2000. Our teaching centers offer a wide variety of language courses for children from the age of 3 up to 17 years old. We are commited to providing the highest quality language teaching and all our teachers are well-qualified and highly experienced in teaching young learners.

Moreover, starting from last year we are expanding our service by opening more classes including Maths and Physics.


Head : Trianawaty, M.Hum