Our Events


Are you ready to participate in our events? Some that we offer may fit your needs.

Timeline of Annual Events


The Holy Mass of Christmas

The Campus Ministry is holding the Holy Mass to celebrate Christmas. The mass is open to all students, faculty, and staff.

Students Academic Report

Students’ academic reports submission and KRS (study planning) consultation with academic advisors.

Online KRS and KRS Revision

Courses registration for the coming even semester can be done online. The Multi Media Laboratory is open to facilitate students to do the KRS in campus. The results of KRS will be announced to students later on that day. Should you drop any subjects, kindly do the revision on Monday, January 18.

English Club

Every semester the English Club organizes different events and provides its members with public speaking opportunities. The events may include fun discussion on various topics, individual and group presentations, and field trip to different places.

English Tutorial Program

English Tutorial Program is a community service activity organized by the English Department students by giving free English lesson to children who live near campus Kalijudan. The program is conducted regularly in every semester.

Green Living

Games and Activities that make it fun to live and learn green. The students together with the community are doing tree planting to sustain a healthy environment.