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The English Education Study Program is the second oldest study program after the Physics Education Study Program. Since its establishment in 1962, this study program has produced more than 2500 graduates many of whom pursue their career path in the field of education. In our study program, we do not just produce teachers, but teachers with added values. With our ever changing in the job market, we are adapting our curriculum with the ever-developing challenges.

We are producing teachers with the ability of:

  • Teaching English it at elementary, junior high, high school, general and adult levels.
  • Teaching English to children (Teaching English to Young Learners).
  • Administering formal education institutions (schools) and non-formal education institutions (English courses) and other businesses in education.
  • Creating computer-based English teaching program (CALL).
  • Working as a translator, interpreter, copy writer, and editors.

Besides pursuing career in the field of education as teachers or English course owners and managers, the graduates, with their excellent English proficiency, are also able to have career in the field of banking, export import staff, tourism, and journalism, etc.

Study with us and you will experience regularly scheduled academic and lecture activities with high discipline and dedication from the lecturers. All courses have been equipped with various laboratories and complete supporting facilities both for learning activities and research & development.

Not only that, you are guided to develop their self-potential and social sensitivity through the activities organized by the student bodies, art, sport, spirituality, and community service. You will also be also encouraged to participate in various competitions both in scientific and non-scientific natures. Such an opportunity will make you ready and competitive to enter the world of work.

Are you with us?
Are you ready to be caring, committed, and enthusiastic?

Hady Sutris Winarlim
Head of English Department

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.


Becoming an English Education and Study Program that excels in the field of English Language Teaching by incorporating Information Communication Technology (ICT).


Conducting a higher education to produce English teachers who are professional, have good morality, and excel in the areas of : 

  • English teaching by implementing innovative teaching methods and incorporating ICT.
  • Mathematics and Science teaching in English at elementary school level.

Conducting research and community service in the field of English language education.

The Numbers Say it All

Our Values


Care is an attitude showing great thoughtfulness towards other fellow citizens of Widya Mandala and all stake holders, complying with all rules and policies of the institution, and actively taking part in any activities carried out, both internally and externally.


Commitment is not only the willingness to act in accordance with the mandate, demands, and obligations as citizens of Widya Mandala, but also to act commitedly and affectionately beyond the call of duty.


Enthusiasm is a very passionate and eager attitude, spiritful in carrying out all duties without compulsion. The attitude generates positive desires in improving the relationship with others and to be open minded to new ideas and opportunities.

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

  • Testimonial

    The website of the English Education Department demonstrates the University’s core values and culture

    Drs. Kuncoro Foe. G.Dip.Sc., Ph.D., - Rector

    I am really impressed with such a wonderful and dynamic website created and developed by the English Education Department. It indeed demonstrates the University's core values and culture, namely care, commitment, and enthusiasm. I believe every individual who explores the information and pictures shown in the website will taste and sense the academic atmosphere of the English Education Department in particular and the Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya at large.