• vancouver

    The Indonesian Early Chilhood Development Partnership

    The Indonesian Early Childhood Development collaboration between Widya Mandala Catholic University, represented by Faculty of Teacher Training and Education and Faculty of Psychology, and Vancouver Island University, Canada (formerly Malapina University College) Malaspina began in 2001.

    The purpose of the project is to develop a culturally relevant, quality, accessible, and sustainable post secondary ECD Program that meets the educational needs of professional and volunteer caregivers, working in community social service programs in Surabaya. The ECD program is expected to have a direct positive impact on the education and development of young children.

    The project delivers 5 courses
    – Course Guiding & Health of Young Children delivered April, 2006
    – Course Planning Programs for Young Children delivered May, 2007
    – Course Play Curriculum delivered May, 2008
    – Curriculum Enhancing Relationships with Families to Support Healthy Child Development delivered June, 2009
    – Course Advanced Guiding and Planning delivered May 2010

    An international conference was held on the last year of the project. The conference was attended by child educators, teachers, caregivers, and volunteers in child centres.
    The partnership still continues until now. VIU regularly send lecturers to give workshops for Indonesian child educators and students to to do practicum in several child centres in Surabaya.

    Vancouver Island University

  • leadpemkot

    English Training for Nurses

    The English Department, in collaboration with Rumah Bahasa Pemkot Surabaya, is holding an English training for nurses. This program is conducted in Rumah Bahasa to help nurses develop their English competence in welcoming the Asian Economic Community (AEC) which begin at the end of 2015. There are 5 classes altogether with around 20 nurses in each class with one lecturer from the English Department as the language tutors.

    More About Rumah Bahasa
  • olifantschool

    Curriculum Development Partnership

    The curriculum team from the English and Physic Deparments, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, develops a national plus curriculum for grades 1-6 of Olifant Primary School Yogyakarta. The curriculum developed covers the Indonesian national curriculum and  international curriculum taken from NCCA and Cambridge curriculum. The partnership started in 2010.

    The team members are:

    1. Prof. Dr. Veronica L. Diptoadi, M.Sc (Head of the project)
    2. Y.G. Harto Pramono, Ph.D
    3. J.V. Djoko Wiryawan, Ph.D
    4. Dr. V. Luluk Prijambodo, M.Pd
    5. Dra. Agnes Santi Widiati, M.Pd
    6. Dra. Susana Teopilus, M.Pd
    7. M.G. Retno Palupi, M.Pd
    8. Herwinarso, M.Sc

    More About Olifant School Curriculum
  • radiomic

    English Today – Radio Program

    Logo-English-TodayIn collaboration with “She Radio”, the English Department is making a program called English Today which launched on December 22, 2014. The program itself discusses English words, phrases, expressions which are commonly and frequently used by Indonesian people. It provides a short explanation about their meanings, correct pronunciation, and appropriate use in daily communication. English Today on air 10 times each day within a week and the materials shuffled daily. This program is a useful resource for the community in using English words, phrases, and expressions correctly.

    Listen English Today Recording

  • Pilar Keluarga  & Kopi Malam

    In collaboration with Radio Republik Indonesia Surabaya, the English Department and Early Childhood Education Department of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education work on two different talk shows, “Pilar Keluarga” and “Kopi Malam” in RRI Programma 1.  The two talk shows are broadcast monthly discussing various current topics.

    Broadcast on every Friday the first week from 15.00 – 16.00, “Pilar Keluarga” focuses more on family related issues covering parenting styles, bilingualism or introducing a foreign language to children, creativity, and learning styles. “Kopi Malam” broadcast every Thursday the third week from 20.00 – 21.00. Discusses current topics related to education. The topics include overseas scholarships, government policies in education, and English learning.

    The team members involved are:

    1. Dr. V. Luluk Prijambodo, M.Pd
    2. Dr. Brigitta Puridawaty, S.Psi., M.Pd
    3. M.G. Retno Palupi, M.Pd

Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.