Event Report – The Seminar on World-Class Math, Jan 16th 2016

The seminar on World-Class Math introducing the 21st century learning approach which is held on Saturday, January 16, 2016 in Kalijudan campus is a big success. It is attended by 150 teachers from 36 Primary Schools in Surabaya. Dr. Yeap Ban Har, an established name in teacher professional development and experienced educator who has been involved in several funded research programs in  Mathematics education and works regularly in collaboration with the Curriculum Planning and Development Division of the Ministry of Education Singapore, shares with the participants the effective methodology framework and examples of application of this methodology in class. He also shares insights on how the CPA Approach and Bar Modeling are effective to develop problem-solving skills among primary school children.



His enthralling way in explaining and demonstrating the new approach to teaching and learning Math has changed the old thinking that Math is complicated and a difficult subject. Through simple yet distinct examples, Dr. Yeap is able to make the basic principles of Math become easy to explain and understand. The concepts of Math terminologies are also made clear by making use of manipulatives and bringing real objects to the classroom.


The seminar begins at 9 am with a welcome speech from the Dean of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Bapak J.V. Joko Wirjawan, Ph.D and ends at 3 pm. The friendly and captivating seminar succeeds in retaining all participants to stay until the end.

What They Say

I think this seminar is useful. We can learn many ways to teach Mathematics to Primary students with new methods. We can also learn how to make the students think critically in solving math problems. This is very important to develop critical thinking so they can learn to make decisions in their life.

Felina Wilindra, S.Pd

I have hated Math since the day I learned it. Math is complicated and confusing for me. This thought has changed after I learn in this seminar. The seminar is very useful, and it has changed the way I see Math. The speaker wonderfully explained about why and how Math influence our daily life in many aspects like academic report’ life skill, and job. The speaker delivered the material in a friendly, fun, simple and easy way. Learning is evolving. Introducing teachers to new methods of teaching helps to make better students. I think a lot of Math teachers will improve the students’ academic skill after attending the seminar. I am looking forward to having a qualified seminar like this in the future. Thanks WMSCU.

Ervina Hartono, S.Pd

The seminar held was very impressive since the topic and speaker both were great. We feel glad that it was conducted so that we could open our eyes on how Math should be taught properly and in a way that makes sense. Not only showing how to teach Math properly, but it also shows us how to develop our students’ non routine interpersonal analytical skill to solve the Math problems which most possibly applicable in students’ real life.

Margaretha Ayu Lestari, S.Pd

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