Comprehensive Examinations Non-Thesis – Jan 2016


Monday, Jan 18th 2016 – D.201 (BOARD 1)

Time Non-Thesis Subject
Rico Septandi F. (NRP.1213009045)
10.00-10.45 AM An Evaluation on The Content Completion of English Textbook for The Seventh Graders Entitled “English Way”
Rini Novianti (NRP.1213009085)
10.45–11.30 AM Contextual Teaching and Learning for Kindergartners
Dewi Kardina M.N. (NRP.1213011066)
11.30 – 12.15 PM Asseement Techniques Used in The English Classes Based on Curriculum 2013 : A Suggestion

Thuesday, Jan 19th 2016 – D.201 (BOARD 1)

Time Non-Thesis Subject
Kenny Christian (NRP.1213011043)
09.00–09.45 AM Using Drilling to Teach Pronunciation to the Seventh Graders
Shinta Laksitanindya (NRP.1213011068)
09.45–10.30 AM Using Jigsaw to Improve the Speaking Competence of Junior High School Students
Megamara O.P. (NRP.1213009047)
10.30–11.15 AM The Buzz Group as a Suggested Reading Technique to Improve Reading Comprehension to Junior High School Students