Event Report: Preparing for The Future: Artificial intelligence, Augmented Reality and Individualized Learning

Regional English Language Office (RELO), U.S. Embassy Jakarta together with US Consulate Surabaya, Widya Mandala Catholic, Surabaya, hold a seminar and workshop by an English Language Specialist Greg Kessler, Ph.D. from Patton College of Education, Ohio University, U.S. The seminar and workshop is conducted on February 12, 2018 in the auditorium of Kalijudan campus and attended by more than 150 students and teachers from various schools.

The presenter shares a number of recent developments related to language and technology, including automated assessment tools, speech and gesture control interfaces, and a variety of automated and intelligent tools that are supported by artificial intelligence. Some of the tools and resources associated with these developments have found their way into language learning while others certainly will in the near future.

While some of these developments are easily integrated into language education, other developments have the potential to threaten or intimidate language teachers and learners. The presenter will share of a number of these developments and guide participants through the creation of learning experiences using some of these technologies. He will also share thoughts about the need to embrace these developments as we move toward a new era of language learning: One in which these intelligent assistants and resources may take precedence over classroom instruction.

The seminar and workshop begin at 9 am a welcoming speech by the Dean of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Bapak J.V. Luluk Prijambodo, Ph.D and end at 3 pm.