Event Report – Workshop on IELTS 2016

IELTS01EDSA and English Department were working with IALF Surabaya holding an event called “Workshop on IELTS 2016” which was held on Friday, February 19, 2016 at Auditorium Kalijudan Campus.  Alex Gough, the Manager of IALF Surabaya, was invited to tell further about IELTS tests. There were around 100 participants; some were from Airlangga University, University of Surabaya (UBAYA) and Institut Sains Terapan dan Teknologi Surabaya (ISTTS).

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of popular English language proficiency test. IELTS test is necessary for those who want to continue their study abroad. It is used as measurement of one’s proficiency in mastering English.Alex Gough shared many new things about IELTS that are not well-known for public before. He explained about IELTS test’s scoring; vary part of tests in IELTS test and how to master each part of tests. Not like other workshop, Mr. Gough presented his material in a fun way which made the participants enthusiastic on this workshop.

Not only did he present the material, Mr. Gough also gave a sample of listening test. The participants were enthusiastically participated in the question-answer section. IALF also gave souvenirs for the participants. We were all enjoying this workshop, get new knowledge and also certificate from IALF and our Department. Thank you for IALF and all the participants! Wait for us next year.

From this workshop, I learn to study English in fun and easy ways. The speaker presents with his attractive humors. I hope this workshop will be more interesting for next year.

Ivan Wijaya, iSTTS Student

This workshop and the speaker were great. Although spending around 3 hours, I think it is worth because the speaker was presenting in a funny way, so we do not feel bored. Thank you for English Department and also the committee for this event.

Manfredus Muliamarfan M., English Department Widya Mandala Student

We get a lot benefit from this workshop, especially in IELTS. We know more about IELTS and how the test going. If I have a chance to go abroad, I will and IELTS test will be really helpful for my study in the future.

Ammyersen S. Sinaga, English Department Widya Mandala Student