Parts of My Journey

When I was in Junior High School, I did not want to continue my study in a university. Therefore, I chose to continue my study at a Vocational High School in Surabaya so that I will be able to work as soon as possible. In the Vocational High School, there are four kinds of department: (1) culinary, (2) tourism, (3) hospitality, and (4) fashion. I chose the culinary department because I thought that it would be fun and useful to learn how to cook various food. Even it is a Vocational High School, I learned not only about the culinary itself, but also other subjects such as mathematics, science, and languages like Indonesia, French, English, and Mandarin. In the culinary subjects, we had Indonesia, Western, and Chinese cuisines.

I loved English so much since I was a kid. In the third year in my Vocational High School, I thought that I would like to open a café or restaurant. Considering the English and culinary competency, I started to think that I should continue my study in a university. I chose Business faculty of one of the most popular university in Surabaya. At first, I could handle all of the subject well. Unfortunately, I felt that I could not continue my study there in the third semester because of so many factor. Then, I tried to discuss with my family and I chose to start my study again in Faculty of Teacher Training and Education in the same university.

I feel confident with my new status as a student of English Department. I keep trying to do my best here. The atmosphere is different with my previous faculty. The lecturers here are very friendly and helpful. I am enjoying my study and it makes me study harder. Day by day, I start to think that I want to become an English teacher. Even I have a little experience in teaching especially English, I still want to be a teacher. I want to become a good teacher and teach my students so that they will become good people and perhaps become good teachers too.

Human is unique because we have different habits, and attitude. I am a quiet-moody person, and I cannot express my thought and feelings well. Therefore, some of my friends tell me that they cannot guess what my mood is at certain time. Yet, I am a hard worker and a morning person. That is why I could convince people to do any job and I am confident with my dream as a good English teacher.

Being a good teacher is not easy, that is why I should study and work hard in order to fulfill my dream as a good English teacher. In addition, I am going to enrich and improve myself in many aspects such as my knowledge, and competency. By improving and enriching both knowledge and competency, I believe that I would become a good teacher for my students in the future. Sometimes I am thinking about my private teacher when I was in Kindergarten. She taught me with love and patience but I acted very naughty and she could not teach me since that time. That is one of my motivation not only to be a good teacher, but also as a person.

Being a good teacher, I have to fulfill the code of ethics and code of conduct. Code of ethics for teacher that I need to fulfill my dream as a good teacher are: (1) trustworthiness, (2) respect, (3) responsibility, (4) fairness, (5) caring, and (6) citizenship. The real action of trustworthiness are as a teacher, I must be honest, be reliable, and be loyal. A teacher is a role model for the students that is why the teacher could show and teach how to be a trustworthy person to the students. In addition, I do not want to command my students whatever I want to without doing the same thing. Moreover, I have to respect other people including my students, colleague, and society. As a teacher I should not expect that people will respect me when I do not respect them first. Being a respectful person, I could teach my students the same thing like they should respect people if they want people to respect them. In every profession, people should have responsibility in their lives. In my profession, having a responsibility is a must. Because I am the role model for my students, I should show and teach them how to be a responsible people. In addition, I must be fair to my students so that they will trust me as a good role model for them. If I could not be a fair person, no one will come and trust me as a teacher. Caring for other people is one of the code of ethics that I need to be a good teacher. I must care to other people especially in society because a good teacher is someone who always care to everyone who in need. The last code of ethic which I want to apply is the citizenship. Being a good teacher, I want to share and do something to make school where I am and the society better. I have a plan to provide a place for poor people who wants to study. I will provide the facilities too like good teachers, a comfort place to study, and many teaching-learning media.

As a teacher in the future, I want to apply code of conducts such as presenting up-to-date materials, being a teacher who always ready for a teaching course outside my area of expertise, being both theoretical and practical teacher, and being a liberal teacher. By presenting up-to-date materials, I believe that I will be able to teach my students better because I use current issues which is happening around my students. It will attract my students to learn more and make them active in joining the class. In addition, I want to be a teacher who is always ready for teaching course outside my area of expertise. I know my limitation, but I should be ready and prepare myself for such a condition in school. Being a both theoretical and practical teacher is important. I had a teacher who is a theoretical person. I could not follow his class at that time. Therefore, I have to be a better teacher for my students in the future. Moreover, I want to be a liberal teacher more than conservative one. Because nowadays, students are cleverer and know more issue in their surroundings and it will be good for them if I use a system which is make my students be able to deliver their opinion, comment, and their thought in my class. By using that kind of system, I hope that the students could share their opinion and thought in order to not only improve their skills, but also motivate them to speak their opinion and thought to other people.

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