The Second Language as Key to the Future of Indonesia

The experience to stay for a temporal time at the English Department of Widya Mandala Catholic University created in me a different and new perspective about the education inside of Indonesia.

The educational stay was so gratifying, in which situation I could testify the application to the educative model in English language; the teaching of the classes that are given has been changed with the time if I’m not mistaken.
The classes with dynamic activities to analyze situation are coming not just to be to English language, it is coming of the new education; undoubtedly the art to transmit worth knowledge exist in Widya Mandala Catholic University and it is a challenge.
Definitely it can be real, a trust change to be better every day that Indonesia needs urgently with support of the national educational system in public and private institutions; the lecturer or the teacher should be mentioned as the principal actor that the education needs and deserves.

The teaching models in the world changes all the time, it is dynamic in every country; and comparing the “teaching method “to learn English language from Indonesia with other counties like Mexico could be the big variety of content from United States that Mexico receives and the businesses that are borning, I mean the benefit that Mexico has to be a neighbor to US generated many possibilities for the people, the Academic body and the institutions; nevertheless Mexico isn’t a parameter yet to think to go to live there just for learn English language.

On the other hand Indonesia has the potential and the advantage of the allied countries like China, there is an example of a big revolution in many senses; talking about the language, technology health and education; so adding new educational methods in English language and Education in general the country will be able to kill two birds with one stone, better education it means better economy, if the country has this two strengths, so Indonesia can compete with any country around the world in the near future.

Indonesia needs to take it off the myth about the Educational systems of the rest of the countries are better, that is not true at all; the country has all the enough to create a high and strong Educational system with support of the innovation, dynamic new studies, new professors and the hard effort to have a new mentality.

Thank you to Widya Mandala Catholic University for this opportunity in 2015 for all the attentions from all the academics, teachers and students. This University gave me the chance to value and appreciate great people, for this reason from that date have been missing a lot the Country, Surabaya and the students, but we will see you this 2018.


Alberto Ponce Castillo
Specialist of Entailment Area With Educative Institute
Universidad Virtual de Liverpool
Liverpool Group
Mexico City