Event Report – TEFL Class Encourages Students to Become Creative Teachers

By: Jessica Febrina  Haryanto (1213014003) & Ais’y Megaputri Widorini (1213014080)
Students usually have a prejudice that there is only one style of teaching English; traditional style, in which the teacher stands in front of the learners and explains the material using white board only. However, TEFL has changed that belief. Teaching English as a Foreign Language or TEFL is one of the lessons in English Department that introduces the students to some teaching methods, techniques, tools, and media for teaching English as a foreign language, especially in junior and high school level.

Today in TEFL class, students  demonstrate 8 techniques of teaching using different tools and media. The techniques are flashcards, picture stories, storytelling, songs and music, some games for getting to know in a new class, fillers, lexical games, and TV, DVD, and video. The demonstration is not only about applying the techniques in the learning and teaching process, but it is also about how to present learning material using a particular teaching techniques.

Students are demanded to be very creative in arranging the activities so  that the learners will not feel bored in class and understand  the material well. The focus is not only in mastering the subject, but also finding what the learners’ interest is, so they can make it as a nice packaging for the material. For example, some students demonstrate Simple Past Tense and Past Future Perfect Tense using pictures, stories, games, and even songs and music. The other students  demonstrate vocabularies and adjectives using storytelling and games. The rests  demonstrate some expressions in greeting by using video.

Students get so many new experiences in teaching English. They realized that in delivering material, they also have to maintain the learners’ attention and respect. As a result, the students are encouraged to be creative teachers who are able to transfer interesting materials.


What They Say

I got so many new methods to teach my future students. That was such a great first step in TEFL class. My demonstration performance went as what I expected before. Although I felt nervous by standing in front of people, I still can manage it. It was also bbecause of the fun activities I’ve prepared that make me feel more confidence.

Gabriella Zerlyne Djojoseputro (1213014020)

I learned so many things through this first demonstration. I could learn how to manage the class, especially high school students who are very active and full of curiosity. I learned how to speak properly toward the students so they want to listen and give me respect instead of feeling afraid. I’ve just realized that mastering the subject is very important so the teachers are able to think fast in order to answer the students’ question.

William Ignatius Susanto (1213014079)

In TEFL class, I got so many fresh ideas for teaching English. By using different teaching techniques, I’m sure that my students won’t get bored of hearing my explanation in class. I felt happy and enthusiastic because the students in TEFL class were so cooperative. They helped each other while the teaching demonstration. I also felt comfortable in this class because my lecturer also guides and supports me and my friends to be a better teacher.

Jeanne Rahayu Primaningtyas (1213011039)