Reflections on Professional Ethics: Why am I willing to be a teacher?

In this essay, I am willing to figure out my reflective summary of what I have learnt from the Professional Ethics class taught by Prof. Dr. Veronica Diptoadi, M.Sc in this 6th semester. It will consist of a brief history of my education background, my goal, and a reflection of my teaching career related to the code of ethics of the teacher and code of conduct at the end.

Education Background

Let me introduce you my brief education background, I graduated from a senior high school in my hometown in Mojokerto, in the year 2013, the first thing that came up in my mind was to be a teacher of English. I was obviously inspired by one of the most committed teachers I have ever known, who taught me English in Grade 8. Her name was Mrs. Lucky. She taught my class with passion, excitement, and always tried to disguise the teaching into games. I was probably her biggest fan who enjoyed her class the most. At that time, I was hesitant and was not sure of what to do and choose, in addition to being overwhelmed with suggestions from my private teachers at home and with the time limitation, the compromise was to follow what some of my neighbors did, namely to study what seemed to be interested in education. Then, I decided to study in the English Department of Widya Mandala Surabaya.
Despite the struggle in completing my S1, I valued the experience of having the chance to go out from my hometown. It opened up the new page of getting new knowledge and life experiences that I am strongly sure wouldn’t be accessible if I had stayed in Mojokerto working as a bicycle seller like what most Mojokertonese do. I met great people (lecturers) and conversed with them, I read great books, I adapted with a lot of things related to teaching and learning activity and learnt my lessons from the mistakes I made during my study in the last 3 years.

My Life Goal

Only within a year after I first started my study in Widya Mandala, I was involved in Flory English Course, a small English course at Kenjeran, which becomes an inspiration for me to build and run my own school to actually make a broader impact to society.
I believe that we can make society better through education. Good education will create a great society which is not only devoted to God but pays respectful attention to all people: other people in a plural, even multicultural society, as well as the ecological environment. It will be a hard task and needs time as well as patience, but the efforts through education will pay off in its sustainability. Running my own school will certainly give more liberty to design more creative learning and teaching activities. Besides what I have mentioned above, running my own school is another scheme of “revenge” from what I didn’t get when I was still in school. I am certain if I had been exposed to a better education system, I would have taken a faster path to know what I wanted, what I am good at and especially to be what I am one day. I want to run a school that nurtures social awareness and teaches its students to be not only focus in government curriculum but also their spiritual needs.

The Challenge

I have had the idea of owning and managing a school since a long time ago, but only today I found out the complication of making it to become true. Honestly, if I were not assigned to make this final reflection, then I might have not realized the path to reach my dream is not going to be as easy as my imagination. Now, the biggest question is should I go ahead or go home?
I have to admit that I had the hesitation. Often when I reflect on my teaching career, the expression “Non scholæ sed vitæ is a Latin phrase. It means “We do not learn for school, but for life”.” would keep flashing. Indeed, as a great teacher, we should be able to not only teach them knowledge from the text book but also knowledge for life. This knowledge of life is very important for them because they will learn from our life experience and mistakes. In addition, I hope that later they will grow much better in handling every problem in their life. Moreover, teachers are usually overloaded with work, despite relatively low paid. However, we are expected to be able to make the students to be both academically excellent and emotionally sated in their society.

In my point of view, joined The Professional Ethics class this semester has actually opened my mind about the importance to be not only a great teacher but also great educator. This class also in a way forced me to criticize myself. Every time I finish teaching my class, I recall back to my way of teaching whether I was ethical or not, but somehow the images of them being happy and active in the classroom strive me to continue with my dream that is own and run a school with spiritual basis.


Code of ethics help teachers create a safe, productive, and positive learning environment in their teaching career. Teachers are expected to maintain challenging expectations that will improve the potential of all learners through meaningful and inclusive participation in the classroom, school, and community. The Ethical Principles promote good relationships between teachers, students, and parents when making educational decisions. In addition, this relationship between the students, the parents, and the teachers, all parties can improve the teaching and learning activities and resources that will help improve the outcome of the individual’s education.
Moreover, the Code of Ethics also challenges teachers to use current data and professional knowledge to improve teaching and learning activities in the classroom. Keeping up with new trends and current information, through professional development and continuing education, allow teachers to do their best to each student.

Suffice it to say, I will keep my plan to run and own a school. A school that focuses on spiritual value and social awareness in the society through the government curriculum. Later this school is expected to outcome students to be not only intelligent outside but also inside through their spiritual growth. I will just do it and see what will be happened next.

Christian Siantar
NRP. 1213013021