A Vote Can Bring Changes

The Student Representative Body of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (BPM-FKIP) is holding a general election again this year in April. There are ten candidates for four available posts. They are Meydina and Rizka as the candidates for the Student Representative Body (BPM), Marie and Daniel for the Student Executive Body (BEM), Bima and Clementinosa for Student Press Body (LPM), Nikita and Gabriella for the English Department Student Association (HMJ-Inggris), and Yestima and Gracedellia for the Physics Department Student Association.

Starting from 4th to 8th April 2016, every poster from the candidates has been posted along the corridor of second floor and the organization rooms as a part of passive campaign. From April 11th until April 14th, 2016, six candidates from BEM, HMJ-Inggris, and HMJ-Fisika began their active campaign in which they will persuade every student to cast their votes to them. In this active campaign, each candidate promoted himself/herself by mentioning his/her vision and mission. This year, the active campaign was very epic, especially when the supporter of each candidate brought water container to cheer the candidates.

Finally the day of the active campaign came. All of the candidates have the open debate. The candidates from BEM and HMJ-Inggris were scheduled on April 19th, 2016. A lot of students from 2nd to 8th semester came to the debate. First of all, every candidate informed the floor about their vision and mission. Second, they answered every question regarding to their vision-mission or to the programs of their respective organization.
A question by Manfred, a 4th semester student, was addressed to HMJ-Inggris candidates, Niki and Gaby. He said, “What program do you use to attract the students to join?” Gaby responded to the question by saying that she would empower the English Club and make innovation by adding an MC competition. Niki responded that she would bring back English debate as one of EDSA programs again. The question did not merely come from the students. A lecturer from the English Department who is always concerned about the progress of the student organizations in FKIP, Mr. Hady S. Winarlim also addressed a question to BEM candidates, Daniel and Merry about their strategies to attract the students of any semester to participate the events. It was quite a tough question from Mr. Hady S. Winarlim who is also the secretary of the English Department.
After the debate session had ended, every student cast their votes. Everyone kept in mind that a vote does not only matter, but it can bring changes.

By. Sylvitia Krisnata (1213013050) – LPM FKIP .


I feel nervous since it carries a big responsibility to be a leader, but if we don’t try, we won’t know what the result will be. Should I be elected the Head of EDSA, I would like to make an event which enables English Department students to benefit themselves academically. And what is more important is to involve more people


Gaby Laurencia Liwang/1213014053, EDSA Head Candidate.

I feel both glad and nervous, and I still cannot believe that I become one of the candidates. Should I be elected the Head of EDSA, I would like to make a bigger multicultural event before where more countries will be participating. I also would like to encourage the students to be active in the English Debating Society.


Nikita Puspitasari Adam/1213014041, EDSA Head Candidate.

It is a tough election; both of them are very diligent, both Niki or Gaby. They never come late or miss any single event or meeting. They are very responsible, and they care about the organization a lot. I vote Gaby, even if she tends to emotional at times, yet she has logical train of thoughts. I hope that the head of EDSA can bring this organization to betterment.


Felicia Budiyanti Santosa/1213014004, 4th Semester Student.

I am still confused to choose either Niki or Gaby, because both of them are equally good. They have their strength and their weaknesses which makes it hard for me to make a choice. I hope whoever will be the Head can be wise, fair, and can aspirate EDSA voice to the English Department or even to the Faculty.


Monica Malta Santosa/1213014027, 4th Semester Student. 

Both EDSA candidates have same the chance to win the election because both of Niki and Gaby are eager to make a change. If I have to, I will choose Nikita because she has brilliant ideas like holding art and cultural festival events. For the elected one, I hope that they can be creative and attract many more students to come and join their events.


Zepherinus Renrawin/1213014049, 4th Semester Student.

The candidates are good and cool. I vote Gaby because she looks firm and more popular. I wish that the coming Head of EDSA can hold events that benefit students from all semesters.


Ammyersen Seranik Sinaga/1213015036, 2nd semester.